Thursday, March 10, 2016

The FBI agent

For my interview project I interviewed my grandma. I chose to interview her because she is the only English speaking relative over 63 and she has had a lot of experience so  I knew it was the right choice to interview her.
She is taller than me and she wears jean based clothes based on where she lives which is in the country.  She has a bit of a scratchy voice ,and it is a bit deep.  Her skin is tanned based on where she lived which was by the ocean.
The setting of where this took place was in the front of my room , I was chewing gum, talking to her on my moms phone, with my pencil in my right hand about to take notes.
I started off the interview by saying “Okay I am going to ask you some questions ?”  My first Question was “What did you want to do as an adult ?” She replied with that she always wanted to be an FBI agent because she liked solving crime.  She got this idea from the shows she liked to watch shows like Law and order and she wanted to practice criminal justice.  She could not practice this in highschool because the courses were buisness based and that is why she had a starting job owning warehouses in Santa Maria.
My second question was “What made you want to live on a ranch?” “She said she always loved animals.“ She wanted as many animals as she could because she was a “horse crazy” and she never got to get a lot of animals when she was growing up. She especially wanted horses.
After a little bit more talking I started off the third question which was “What was your favorite entertainment ? ”   Since she lived by the beach and this was probably in the 60s  she listened to Beach Boys and The Beatles .  She normally “listened to music to her friends” which was rock and roll a genre that was popular at the time .   
I followed up my question with “What did you you do on a normal day of school?” I wanted to see how it was different from then to now.  She said what she normally was learning which was about business but she wanted to become an FBI agent but she couldn’t.  Based on what she was learning she “wanted to work on an attorney's office”.  She had the freedom to chose what she wanted to be but an attorney was the closest she could get to an FBI agent.SHe said that those courses were strict to insure that you got that job.
The last question I asked was this “What do you want to do most in the world?” She asked if it was when she was my age and I confirmed that it was when she was my age. She wanted to be free and have adventures because it was boring where she lived. She has accomplished that dream by visiting many places in the U.S.A. She liked to swim which makes me think she wanted to be a pro swimmer but i’ll have to ask her about that later.  As far as i'm concerned she loved sports growing up because it was fun and back then there were no video games to be played otherwise she might have played video game but I don't really know.
She ended the interview by asking that if those were the answers I was searching for.  I said they were and she talked to me a little bit about what growing up was going to be like.  THen she said goodbye and I ended the interview ,hung up the phone,and then I did my KBAR.

At the end I was so happy that I finished the interview the day before it was due but I remembered that it was due friday I was relieved.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Malala Yousafzai and Taliban Compare/Contrast paragraph

    Malala Yousafzai and The Taliban are both Muslim but they both think different ways .  Malala does not  care what ethnicity you are but just cares that you are a peaceful person while the Taliban will force anyone his is not  Muslim to convert whether you like it or not. So this means that Malala is more than the Taliban.

  Some countries in the middle east controlled by the Taliban have strict dress code for men and women. For  instance you have to grow a beard if you are a man and you always have to wear a burka if you are a woman .  Malala thinks that you should not have to wear a burka all day because it is not required by Islam religion (only for praying) but the Taliban think otherwise because if you are a Muslim woman than you are always to god and when you are to god or praying you have to wear a burka so that you are always true to god .



Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why is Dally Gallant?

Why is dally gallant?
Dally in 'The outsiders" is gallant because he he hits Pony boy in the back so that he didn't catch on fire even though Pony does get a giant bruise on his back it shows that Dally is gallant.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

¨Staying Golden¨

¨Stay Gold¨
When Johnny is dying in ¨The Outsiders¨ I think it means something.  What I think ¨Stay Gold¨ means is that not to change who you are and stay who you are not to change your personality or how you do things. So I think this means that Johnny is telling Ponyboy to stay who he is and not change.